Mysql database corruption!
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Mysql is very popular for web application and acts as a database component of the LAMP, SAMP, MAMP, BAMP and WAMP platforms (linux/mac/solaris/windows-apache-Mysql-php/perl/python).

Mysql repair frm
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The file format that mysql uses to store the data has been widely tested but there are always external conditions that sometimes cause tables to become corrupted .

Mysql repair myd and myi files!
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You can repair Mysql myd and myi files with the help of myisamchk. Myisamchk function gets information about your database tables or repairs, checks or optimizes them.

Mysql restore database!
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Have you unintentionally deleted or have lost your mysql databases? Then you don't need to panic because here is the simple solution for this.

Repair and Recover Primary, Foreign, Unique Keys and Indexes!
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MySQL Database Servers are known as the Relational Database Management Systems or abbreviated as RDBMS. Here β€˜Relational’ signifies the relationship between the tables and views stored in the database for better operability.

Repair mysql ibdata1!
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Mysql is most widely used database management language. Mysql database is developed and owned by Sun Microsystems, the world's largest contributors to open source database.