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Repair mysql ibdata1!

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Mysql is most widely used database management language. Mysql database is developed and owned by Sun Microsystems, the world’s largest contributors to open source database. Mysql runs on many platforms including Linux, Windows, Netware and offers a comprehensive range of certified software, training and support to make you successful.

With mysql inexperienced programmers can modify and create a databases consisting of multiple tables. Mysql does what it takes to generate such databases and manage them efficiently. There is a large file called ibdata1 in mysql dir. Ibdata1 is the data files for tables stored using the InnoDB storage engines. InnoDB is the new storage engine used nowadays for mysql database.

There can be a situation when you might get a bit of hassle. After some broken tries to change the type of large table’s column you find that your disk went full and cancelled the operation again and your ibdata1 file has grown about three times the size it has to be. When you tried to repair the operation the only thing which you can see was that the size was increasing more even before. The way to repair mysql ibdata1 is mysql the dump files, recreate the tablespace and then import the dump files into the new tablesspace.

If the table that you ALTER that you not stored in the Ibdata1 file, then the ibdata1 file should not grow in the ALTER. InnoDB stores undo logs to ibdata files. If you forget a transaction dangling then purge cannot remove the undo log files. That would cause ibdata1 to grow constantly. Use:

SHOW INNODB STATUS\G to determine if you have dangling transactions. After this if you are unable to repair the mysql ibdata1 file then you can easily opt for the stellar phoenix software. You can download the free trial versions of the software stellar phoenix to repair mysql ibdata1 from online to scan your drive to repair ibdata1 files of InnoDB storage engines. You can also Buy the software online and repair your InnoDB files. It is the definitive read only tool which uses advanced algorithm to repair mysql Ibdata1 files. It is user friendly and easy to use.

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