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Repair and Recover Primary, Foreign, Unique Keys and Indexes!

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MySQL Database Servers are known as the Relational Database Management Systems or abbreviated as RDBMS. Here ‘Relational’ signifies the relationship between the tables and views stored in the database for better operability. The tables and views are related to each other or joined to each other through ‘Keys’ and ‘Constraints’.

They are very important components which makes the data insertion conditions for the database tables. If either of the components gets corrupted or damaged then great issue will arise in the way of managing and coordinating the records in the table, and to repair it up either backup or MySQL Database Repair is required.

The ‘Constraints’ are the properties assigned to the columns or set of columns in the database tables which prevents the insertion of some inconsistent values in to the column. The constraints like Primary Key, Foreign Key and Unique Keys are used to perform this action. These are used to enforce data integrity to the columns of the tables stored in the database and ensure that the data in the database are reliable and accurate. In case the above mentioned components become corrupted or damaged, the entire database will start working strangely. In that situations the database administrator either need to reconstruct the constraints or need to perform the hard work of repairing to make the database accessible.

On the other side of the coin ‘Indexes’ are very important component which helps in managing the database effectively and provides the fast and easy accessing to the data. So, if these components get corrupted or damaged then the entire database will be messed up and to rebuild the database the only way is to use carry the recovery of the MySQL database and save the data in a safe and secure place.

In order to perform the recovery process first user need to look for the available backup of the existing MySQL database and perform the restoration process. This will surely save your precious and valuable data. But if the backup of the database is not available or has corrupted or damaged then reconstructing the valuable components is really a back breaking task. So, in these circumstances MySQL Database Repair is the best options which will effectively repairs and recovers MySQL database and make it functional and accessible to the administrator and users.

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