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Mysql restore database!

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Have you unintentionally deleted or have lost your mysql databases? Then you don’t need to panic because here is the simple solution for this. You can restore your lost database by the help of stellar phoenix software and by taking backups of your databases.

The restoring and backing up the database is a way that mysql server provides to protect from data loss. This backup operation creates the duplicate of a database. This duplicate can be used to restore the mysql database if the media failure occurs or if the database is somehow changed by the user errors. It is very important to do backup of your mysql database, you will maybe realize it when it is too late. The simple and easy way to backup and restore your database would be to use MySqlDump command. If you are moving your data to a new server, or you have removed the old database completely you can repair and restore it again by the use of command line code-

mysqldump –u user_name –p your_password database_name >


If you are unable to restore mysql database by the help of above listed command then you can opt for the stellar phoenix software for mysql restore database. It supports recovery of corrupted or lost Mysql database created on both Linux and windows platforms. Some of the key features of this software are as follows-

  1. It provides interactive and graphical user interface for easy Mysql recovery and repair.
  2. It supports both MyISAM (.myd files and .myi files) and InnoDB (.frm files and .ibdata files).
  3. It recovers numerous database objects like tables, triggers, views, primary keys, relations and more.
  4. It sets up a safe connection while repairing corrupted database files with Mysql server.
  5. It is non-destructive and read only software.

Might due to the following reasons you can have need of this software for mysql restore database-

  1. Corruption in “.myd” and “.myi” files.
  2. On a live table if you are using an external program like myisamchk.
  3. Virus infection.
  4. Error in configuring the connection with the database provider.
  5. Software bug in the MyISAM code and Mysql.

You can easily download the free trial versions of the software stellar phoenix database recovery to restore Mysql database from online to scan your drive to restore your lost data. Buy the software online and restore your lost and corrupted database. It is the best read only tool which uses advanced algorithm to restore your lost data and corrupted data. It is user friendly and easy to use.

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