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Mysql repair frm

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The file format that mysql uses to store the data has been widely tested but there are always external conditions that sometimes cause tables to become corrupted .Mysql uses a number of different file formats for the storage of information. Every mysql table you create is represented on disk by .frm file, which describes a table format. The file has the same name as the table with a .frm extension. The .frm format is the same on all platforms.

There is a chance of failing for example during the CREATE statement with the table created in the InnoDB dictionary but .frm not completely written or created. Partially written .frm or .frm files being unsync with internal InnoDB dictionary might cause mysql to fail with error messages. If you see any of the following errors, it is also prudent to check the tables for corruption:

  1. Record file is crashed.

  2. Unexpected end of file.

  3. tbl_name.frm is locked against changed.

  4. Can’t find file tbl_name .MYI (Errcode: nnn)

  5. Got error nnn from the table handler.

  6. If you will simply copy .frm file back to the database you will see the following Mysql creative error messages:


  7. mysql> SHOW TABLES;

  8. +——————+

  9. | Tables_in_test |

  10. +——————-+

  11. | queue |

  12. | test_innodb |

  13. +——————-+

  14. 2 rows IN SET (0.00 sec)

  15. mysql> SHOW CREATE TABLE test_innodb;

  16. ERROR 1146(42S02):TABLE’test.test_innodb’doesn’t exist

There are many software available that will repair the mysql frm files.

You can easily repair mysql frm files with the help of stellar phoenix software. You can download the free trial versions of the software from online to scan your drive for mysql repair frm .Buy the software online and complete your Mysql frm recovery.

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