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Mysql database empty post corruption: How to get rid of it

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    There are various situations where you might face Mysql database corruption either due to virus attack, improper system shutdown or because of any kind of physical damage after which all your data stored within the database gets inaccessible and the search query do not show you any results and you face mysql database empty post corruption but in all of these situations an updated backup is required that will help you to restore the inaccessible data. But in case of absence of a database backup, mysql repair tool needs to be opted.

    Here is a practical scenario demonstrating the above example where you have migrated mysql database to a new version from an old one but in between of the migration process, the system unexpectedly shuts down due to power failure. After restarting the system, when you try to access your database records, nothing was displayed.


    The main cause behind the mysql database empty post corruption situation is the corruption issues associated with the database which is caused due to improper or incomplete migration process.


    In order to get rid of this mysql database null post corruption issue, you need to repair the severe Mysql database corruption problems for which mysql dump needs to be performed subsequent to which you need to import all your data from an updated backup. But this solution do not prove to be useful one when there is no database backup available or when you face problems while importing the data. So, the best would be to opt for mysql repair tool which is capable to completely resolve up the mysql database corruption regardless of its reasons and also restores entire data in an efficient and complete manner only in least amount of time period.

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