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Mysql command line repair!

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Mysql is a very popular for web application and acts as a database component of the LAMP, SAMP, MAMP, BAMP and WAMP platforms (linux/mac/solaris/windows-apache-Mysql-php/perl/python). Mysql is an open source database. Mysql allows you to add and edit entries in the database with the help of command line.

When you will install Mysql then you will receive a command line application where you can create a current database, create a new database, modify a database and delete a database. Mysql command line interface have a very nice feature and gives interactive feedback. By using this command line tool you can save your lot of time, especially for things that you won’t do very often. To test new queries for correctness mysql command line repair is a fantastic environment. When you launch mysql command line client you will be asked for password assuming you set one up when you installed the mysql. Then from here you would be given a mysql>prompt and you will be able to enter your commands.

To repair a mysql database through a command line you will need to ssh in to your server as the root user and enter into mysql command line interface by typing my “mysql”. This will give you the following prompt.


Once when you are at mysql command prompt you will need to type the following. The first USE statement selects the database you wish to use and the second REPAIR TABLE repairs the table(s).

mysql>USE your_database;

database changed

mysql> REPAIR TABLE ‘table1’, ‘table2’, ‘table3’, ‘table4’;

You should be sure that when you create databases, fields and tables the names should not include spaces and should be case sensitive. All commands issued through the command line must end with a semi colon (;) or otherwise will be prompted for more commands.

If you are unable to repair mysql through command line then you can opt for stellar phoenix software. Some of the key features of this software are as follows-

  1. It supports both MyISAM (.myd files and .myi files) and InnoDB (.frm files and .ibdata files).
  2. It is non-destructive and read only software.
  3. It provides interactive and graphical user interface for easy Mysql recovery and repair.
  4. It sets up a safe connection while repairing corrupted database files with Mysql server.
  5. It supports Mysql 5.0.46.
  6. It is easy to install and simple to use.
  7. It recovers numerous database objects like tables, triggers, views, primary keys, relations and more.
  8. Excluding tiny and blob it recovers all data types.

Its system requirement is 256 MB of ram and 50 MB free space hard disk. Stellar phoenix software supports all latest operating system like windows vista/XP/2003/2000. You can download the free trail version of this software by online.

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