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Innodb assertion failure in thread mysql error: how to fix

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    InnoDB is considered as a default storage engine of Mysql which is integrated with a number of advanced features including compliant transactions and foreign keys supporting ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability) properties. But at times, when InnoDB databases goes corrupt due to reasons like virus attack, kernel related bugs, unexpected power failure, mysql faults or related ones leading to Innodb assertion failure in thread mysql error and you are not able to access Mysql tables and hence mysql repair innodb is needed.

    Demonstrating the above example, consider a situation where you are making an attempt to access Mysql tables which are stored on InnoDB storage engine but instead of showing the results, it crashes. After this, you see the below error message in the crash log report:

    “InnoDB: Assertion failure in thread in file line “


    Some of the probable reasons responsible behind innodb assertion failure in thread mysql are:

    1. Libraries are misconfigured, damaged or incorrectly built against which the database is linked
    2. Because of any kind of hardware faults
    3. When Mysql database table gets corrupt or damaged

    After you get repeated number of Innodb assertion failures or crashes, then there must be corruption issues with InnoDB tablespace.


    You must go through the following steps to resolve the above encountered error:

    1. Check out all the libraries are configured in a proper manner and if needed, reinstall them immediately
    2. If any hardware issues are existing then try to resolve them without a wait. For this you can look on the system, application or MySQL error logs to know about the entries associated with hardware problems
    3. But in case of Mysql table corruption, then make use of following commands:
      CHECK TABLE tablename: to detect the corruption issues existing in table
      REPAIR TABLE tablename: to repair the corrupt table

    But if the above inbuilt commands do not serve to be useful for you then it is beneficial to opt for mysql repair tool to perform the task of mysql repair innodb tablespace in least amount of time period.

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