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Get a way out to fix mysql error 144 completely

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    You might face problems while using Mysql database such as complete inaccessibility of tables and other database objects and the reason for all these problems is the table corruption and can even lead to various errors including mysql error 144 or even severe data loss situations and then the best is to opt for msysql repair tool.

    Assume a situation demonstrating the above example where you are working on mysql database and when trying to execute query for retrieveing some important data, you receive the following error message:

    “Table is marked as crashed and should be repaired”


    β€œGot error 144 from table handler”


    The main cause behind the occurence of mysql error 144 is the mysql table corruption due to either unxpected system shutdown or virus attack after which you are unabel to access the database tables.


    To fix mysql error 144 hy000, you need to follow the below discussed mysql command line repair tools:

    CHECK TABLE: Run this command that works to scan and thus detect the corruption issue in the following way:

    CHECK TABLE tablename [options];

    REPAIR TABLE: It repairs up the table by correcting the errors found in this manner:

    REPAIR TABLE tablename[options];

    Thenafter you need to check the database backup. If it is updated, then try to restore the database using backup. But in case of absence of backup to fix mysql error 144, the best possible option is to use mysql repair tool that ensures you for complete repair and recovery of mysql database tables in an efficient manner easily without wasting much time and effort.

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