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Default storage engine innodb is not available error during mysql server startup

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    In order to use MySql server, you need to start it by typing ‘C:mysqlbinmysqld’ on the MS-DOS window but at times this startup command does not prove to be useful one in starting MySqlD server often in the cases when database goes corrupt or damaged followed by which ‘Default storage engine innodb is not available’ error appears on the screen. Once the Mysql server does not gets started, you are also not able to have access to your important database records or items and thus you need to repair the corrupt database as earlier as possible.

    Assume a situation where you are trying to start Mysql server but instead of, the following error message occurs on the screen:

    “Default storage engine is not available”

    Apart from this, the following description is logged in Windows Application event log:

    Source: MySQL
    EventID: 100
    Level: Error

    To get rid of this error message, make a fresh installation of server but without removing the data directory. After this, you get rid of ‘Default storage engine innodb is not available’ and the server starts without any problems but when you go to access your important data from the database another message appears:

    “ERROR 1146 (42S02): Table ‘Tablename’ doesn’t exist”

    The foremost reason responsible for this error is the database table corruption issues which can occur because of reasons like virus attack, sudden power failure or any kind of human errors.


    To repair corrupt or damaged database tables, you need to make use of an in-built repair command in this way:

    Repair Table Tablename

    But in case the tables are severely corrupted then in such situation this repair command does not work for you thus you must use mysql repair tool to resolve the database corruption issues completely with ease.

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