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Complete solution on how to fix 'Your database may be corrupt' error

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    At times, you may face certain situations where your Mysql innodb database tables gets inaccessible and the foremost reason for this is the corruption. After this, innodb error appears on screen and the database becomes unmountable and even leads to complete inaccessibility. So, in such situations the need arises for mysql database repair application.

    Consider a practical scenario where you are unable to mount Mysql database because of Innodb table corruption and when the log file is checked, following error message is encountered:

    “InnoDB: Error: page 306 log sequence number 0 162040719
    InnoDB: is in the future! Current system log sequence number 0 19295526.
    InnoDB: Your database may be corrupt or you may have copied the InnoDB
    InnoDB: tablespace but not the InnoDB log files."


    The above encountered innodb error occurs mainly due to innodb table corruption and this is the reason why you fail to mount the mysql database.


    To get rid of ‘your database may be corrupt’ error you need to go though the following steps:

    1. At first, add the following command in /etc/my.cnf configuration file.
      mysqld] innodb_force_recovery = 4
    2. Then after, try to restart Mysql database which will mount the database along with innodb_force_recovery without considering the factors like UPDATEs and INSERTs.
    3. The next step is to shutdown tables as well as database and also clear the data directory.
    4. Now, in order to create default Mysqltables, make use of mysql_install_db command
    5. Delete [mysqld] innodb_force_recovery = 4 from in /etc/my.cnf configuration file as above inserted
    6. After making all these operations, go for database restart and then make an attempt to restore database files with the help of an updated backup.

    But in case of an updated backup, these steps does not prove to be useful anymore to fix ‘your database may be corrupt’ error thus considering this, the best option is opt for mysql database repair software to perform mysql repair innodb operation which is highly efficient to completely resolve innodb corruption issues.

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