Simple ways to Repair Corrupted Sql database

What is SQL Server ?

SQL Server is known as a powerful database management system which is mainly used to store and manage important files. It is developed by Microsoft company. It uses three different types of files for managing the data such as MDF, NDF and LDF. It is complete featured database that supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Operating Systems. These three database files has lots of features. For instance, primary SQL server database has .MDF extension. It has primary file used for storing Tables, triggers, keys, stored procedures, default values, functions, columns and many others. Equally, other secondary files have .NDF extension in which you can easily create number of NDF files as your needs. This secondary file is mainly used to distribute multiple types of disks. Moreover, Log files are another files known as backup files of server database. These files are used to store retrieve the database in data-loss or other corruption issues.

Here are the lists of worst symptoms that causes corruption in a SQL Database, some of the points are listed below :

  • Turn off the system improperly or click on force shut down option.
  • Suddenly file storage part failure where databases are stored
  • While upgrading SQL Server to latest version without following any instructions
  • Due to insufficient space
  • When users any changes or modifications in a SQL Server account.
  • Due o network disconnection that leads to corruption in a vital MDF File.
  • Due to file header corruption that results in deletion in SQL data.
  • Due to hard disk failure, power failure and other malware attacks are other reasons that makes your MDF files completely unusable and inaccessible.

In such situations, when your MDF or other forms of files gets damaged then your SQL databases becomes instantly useless and inaccessible for a certain duration. Nowadays, repairing the damaged SQL database is a very difficult task . There are lost of third party applications available online in which SQL database recovery software is one of the best and effective. It is a famous recovery software used to deal with numerous SQL corruption problems. This type of program is programmed with advance mechanism that resolves numerous minor as well as major MDF file corruption issues. This advance software uses top rated features which has ability to restores Tables, Columns, Functions, Indexes, values and other SQL database components.