Simple Ways To Fix ERROR 1016: Can’t open file Error Issues

ERROR 1016: Can't open file

In these days, when you turn on your PC and establish a connection to the server, you will suddenly receive lots of sql error messages on your system screen. These error messages are closely associated with “ERROR 1016: Can’t open file” known as strange error code. These types of error codes occurs every time while connecting to SQL Server 2005 and other latest versions. In simple terms, ERROR 1016: Can’t open file is such a rare error code which appears on your computer screen directly while using “LOCK TABLES”. These types of unreliable tables mainly caused due to MySQL table corruption and other program failure issues. This related Table corruption is a very frustrating issue which makes your tables and other important SQL database files entirely unusable for a long time. This Table corruption issue can severely degrade the performance of several queries on infected tables. In such adverse situations, you can easily repair Table corruption by using the REPAIR TABLE command steps.

Further, there are some strange error alerts that can be appear while using table database, such as :

  • “Got error ERR from table handler.”
  • “Index file is suddenly crashed / Wrong file format.”
  • “Can’t find file table.MYI”
  • “Record file is accidentally crashed.”
  • “Records was already deleted / number of records file gets crashed.”
  • “Index file is corrupted or wrong file format.”

On the other ways, there are lots of manual process available in internet sources that helps in troubleshooting ERROR 1016: Can’t open file related error issues, some of the steps are classified in this below points :

To run REPAIR TABLE on the table database

  • First of all, you need to Enter phpMyAdmin for the database which you want to use. Then, login to phpMyAdmin.
  • Now, check on the table name of the infected table.
  • In next step, move your mouse pointer on all Operations tab which are presents at the top side of right panel.
  • Then, click on Repair table which appears at the right side in SQL Window.
  • In such ways, you need to apply mysqlsum error command which can help ERROR 1016: Can’t open file and other related SQL related error issues.

For this, add the option in command text, shown as below :

  • –lock-tables=false to the mysqldump command
  • mysqldump -u root -pmysecretpassword –opt exampledb –lock-tables=false > exampledb.sql

Thus, after applying this command code, you can freely fix this strange SQL error code and use your SQL database easily.