Repair MySql Database easily

Being the most reliable and more stable relational database management system MySql is highly used database management system. This is an ideal solution for the both small and large organization and commonly used to provide e-commerce, dynamic data transfer and transaction processing.

Normally there are different situation which leads to the corruption of database in MySql like load on the server, multiple use of INSERTs and UPDATEs with many SELECTs, improper use of database, hardware or software malfunction etc. these are the reasons for the corruption in the database of MySql.

Need to Repair MySql database as after getting corruption, database or table stored in it become inaccessible and whenever user try to access database encounter with some of the error message like—

Incorrect key file for table: '...'. Try to repair it ……… etc.

In most of the cases, only the index file get corrupted which store the file record which point to the main data file. There is rare case where corruption in actual data takes place. fixing corruption in MySql database is easy with the three simple steps which are following—

•  The REPAIR TABLE SQL statement ( for this server must be running )

•  The mysqlcheck command-line utility (the server must be running)

•  The myisamchk command-line utility (server must be down or table must be inactive )

When you are making attempt to repair database you need to make sure that you have enough disk space, you are not going to run out of disk space before you start because here copy of data is made.

After following these commands you can repair MySql database. But if you fail to do so then you are needed to use the other option for this and that is using the third party Mysql repair tool. This is an easy option without following any command. Just launch the applicaton and rest work will be done by the application. It repair MySql database and restore data stored in it. It make database accessible once again.

This is designed with user friendly interface and advanced algorithm. Just select the database which you want to repair and then after through scanning, software detect error and correct it. This is an easy to use tool for everyone.