phpMyAdmin Repair Option

MySQL database (db) is known open source relational database management system similar to SQL. It is basically employed with the most server-side languages but most commonly employed with PHP. This is ideal for both small and large application. Just because of its high performance, stability and ease of use it is highly used database management system. It is commonly used database model to provide e-commerce, transaction processing and dynamic data transfers.

Occasionally database tables become corrupt due to different reasons and you no longer able to access them. MySQL database is known for its stability but like any other software application there are some issue which make this file corrupt and you need to repair them in order to access them once again. There are many reasons for the corruption like instability of operating system which could trigger the crash, hardware problem, power failure etc. But all you need MySQL database repair (phpadmin repair).

After the MySQL corruption or crashed, you need to repair, as there is no reason to panic it is really easy way to do. User can repair MySQL database tables via phpMyAdmin.

Here is the way to repair corrupted or crashed MySQL database -----

  1. Login to phpMyAdmin.
  2. Now select the corrupted database. If you have only one database then it would have been chosen by default.
  3. Now in the main panel mysql tables of the database listed. Now here check the boxes besides the table/s that you want to repair.
  4. Below the list of table at the bottom, you will find a drop down menu. Now choose “Repair Table” from the list.

After repair you will see the confirmation message like this.

phpMyAdmin automatically fix the chosen mysql tables. After fixing the corruption issue in database, make a backup of database. If you are not able to repair it via phpMyAdmin then the simple and best way for MySQL database repair is through repair software.

Software simply scans database and repair file completely without modifying and altering the structure of file. Repair phpMyAdmin.