Fix Mysql error 1034- incorrect key file for table error message easily

Mysql is among the most popular RDBMS (Relational database management system) which uses ISAM as the default storage engine to manage non-transactional tables. On the system’s hard disk, MYISAM tables are stored in three different files that are the data file (.MYD extension), index file (.MYI extension), and the file storing table format (.frm extension). But at times, MYISAM tables can get corrupt leading to complete inaccessibility of database records and errors like incorrect key file for table etc.

Suppose a situation where an attempt is made to access or perform modifications in Mysql table, but you fail to do so and the following error message appears on the screen:

"#1034 - Incorrect key file for table; try to repair it"


There can be number of reasons responsible behind the occurrence of mysql error 1034 such as:

  • Virus or spyware attack
  • Due to some application errors, the internal structure of the table might get corrupt
  • Another reason for mysql error 1034 can be the corruption issues in the database file system
  • Unexpected power failure or system shutdown can lead to interruption of read/write operation of the database which in turn direct you to data inaccessibility


To fix mysql incorrect key file for table error, you can try out the following resolutions:

  • You can make use of myisamchk command line along with ‘r’ option to repair the corrupt MYISAM tables in the following manner
  • 'myisamchk -r tablename'
  • Then after, use mysqlcheck command like as 'mysqlcheck -r databasename tablename'

But this command line utility does not prove to be useful in all the cases as at times the corruption issues does not get resolved completely. In such cases, the beneficial is to use mysql repair tool that repair corrupt MYISAM tables and also repair mysql myd and myi files in a complete and efficient manner by involving only few simple steps.