MySQL Repair Software- Tool to Fix .myd, .myi, frm files

MySQL is one of the most popular open source SQL database management system. It is a part of LAMP (Linux, MySQL and Apache). Basically, it is used by largest organizations or Telecom companies. It helps the users to eliminate major issues related to downtime, online application as well as maintenance. It is becoming more popular as it helps to save the time of the clients for their high volume websites. There are millions users across the world who are satisfied with MySQL. It is considered as Relational Database Management System which helps to manage the database contained within the database. Sometimes, users may faces unfavourable situation which can results to corruption of the database. If you have backup then you can easily restore the lost database.

How MySQL Files Gets Corrupted?

Nobody wants to lose their important files or database but it is possible with anyone at anytime. Thus, it is extremely important for the users to know the reasons of corruption. Some of the common reasons of damage of files are mentioned below:-

  • Harmful virus, spyware or malwares can corrupt your data severely.
  • Damage of ibdata files.
  • Error in MySQL Edition.
  • Abrupt shut down of the MySQL server.
  • Corruption of .myd, .myi, frm files.
  • Damage of installed operating system.
  • Error in the database metadata.
  • Problems while establishing connection with the provider of database.

Error Messages Caused After Damage of MySQL Files:-

If the files such as .myd, .myi, .frm gets damaged or corrupted then it will start to display error messages when you will try to access them. Some of the commonly faced error messages by the users are given below:-

  • Incorrect key file for table: “test”.
  • Database page corruption on the disk.
  • Failed file read error.
  • Error occurred in Database ‘db_name’, table ‘table_name’ and column ‘column_name”.
  • Internal error.
  • Read column value is too small.

How can you Repair Corrupted MySQL Database?

Database is known as the collection of information. If it gets damaged then users starts to look for best repair tool. In such a case, users are advised to make use of Stellar Phoenix MY SQL Database repair Software. It is a powerful tool which will help the users to repair the damaged database and restore the corrupted files. This software will work effectively and fast. The best part of the tool is that it supports easy-to-use interface which can be easily handled by the non-technical users in a hassle free manner.

You can use it to fix the damage after unexpected shut down, virus infection, crashing, malfunction of the operating system and many more. It is compatible with different MySQL versions such as 1.x, 2.x 3.x, 4.x, 5.x and 6.x. This software will also help the users to repair files which has been protected by the passwords. After retrieving the database, it will save them in Transact-SQL script which is suitable for recreation of the database. You can also use the tool to restore data as well as structure table.

Salient key Features of the MySQL Repair Software:-

  • Helps to repair InnoDB as well as MyISAM tables of the MySQL database.
  • Used to restore damaged tables, table properties, views, data types, triggers, keys etc.
  • Shows preview of the pre-recovery objects.
  • Compatible with different versions of Windows including Windows XP, Vita, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.
  • Supports user-friendly interface.
  • Can perform Database recovery on Linux platforms also.
  • Allows the users to search objects in the list of scanned files.
  • Ensures consistent results in single operation.